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About Garage Band Academy

For those who like to rock ...
Welcome to Garage Band Academy! Our purpose is simple, to provide an educational and stimulating environment to inspire musicians of all ages to pursue their dreams of performing the music they love. Our teaching strategy focuses upon the following:

In addition to private instruction, the Academy provides seminars, workshops, clinics, band classes, and “real” performances where the students play on stage at public venues. Our students have performed at street festivals, fund raisers, music festivals, the Alameda County Fair, various YMCA events, and even get hired to perform at birthday parties.

Our dedicated staff is comprised of working musicians who are also experienced educators, and share a passion for the same music as our students. We are currently accepting students for guitar, drums, bass, vocals, and keyboards.
Started in a small garage in 2009, The Garage Band Academy now makes its home in central Pleasanton and is very easy to find. Parents are welcome to relax in our lobby (with wi-fi) while waiting for students. Our studio is equipped with drum sets, keyboards, sound system, amplifiers…all set for you to plug in and play.

Garage Band Academy live performances include the following locations: